How to Get a Doctorate in Economics?

Answer Candidates for a doctorate, or a Ph.D, in economics usually earn the degree to advance a career in economic research, theory, government, teaching or the private sector. Doctoral candidates will be... Read More »

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Is a phd a doctorate?

A Ph.D. is an abbreviation for "Doctor of Philosophy," often shortened to "doctorate." The degree, which is the high graduate degree that can be earned, is awarded after at least three years of gra... Read More »

Is an MD a doctorate?

An M.D. is a type of doctoral degree. The M.D., or Medicinae Doctor in Latin, is the professional degree awarded to a Doctor of Medicine. Medical schools award M.D. degrees to students who have suc... Read More »

Is a doctorate the same as a phd?

Although a Ph.D. and a doctorate both require the same level of education, they do not always imply the same thing. Ph.D. candidates are usually pursuing a research or teaching-based career. Doctor... Read More »

How to Get a Doctorate?

Getting a doctorate is extremely difficult. A doctorate often requires five to seven years of post-graduate work. Doctoral candidates often are required to do several years of research in their cho... Read More »