How to Get a Dental Art Tooth Tattoo?

Answer Tattoos... They're widely popular; young and old alike have them. Tattoos represent uniqueness, individuality, beauty, and sometimes they make a statement. Dental Art Tooth Tattoos are quickly gain... Read More »

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What is the dental insurance code for replacing a broken or missing tooth on a upper dental partial?

Can I tattoo one of my tooth?

id love to tat your tooth! you know what kind of pain you would be in? it would rattle your head off! have fun with that!

Tooth with prior dental work just re busted?

Typically a dentist would recement the cap at no charge for the first year, but after 6 years there would be a charge to put the cap back on. This is a common occurrence and the cap will eventually... Read More »

Can dental hygienist have tattoo on their fingers ?

I don't see why not. Like the first answer said, it's not going to affect anything. They wear gloves.