How to Get a Delivery Confirmation when Sending a Message from Your Blackberry?

Answer If you like to know that your message has been delivered to the other person's BlackBerry, follow these steps.

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How Can I Get a Delivery Confirmation From My Sprint BlackBerry 8530?

One of the many convenient messaging functions that your BlackBerry 8530 includes is delivery confirmation. These confirmations are automated responses sent to you as soon as a message you sent rea... Read More »

How do you block your cell phone number when sending a text message?

If you're texting from your cell phone, you can't (well, not legally, at least). You could use a web-to-text service like VText, but that requires internet access.

How to Stop My BlackBerry From Sending Me Personal Email?

If you want to remove an email account from your BlackBerry, then you need to use the E-mail Settings. You can have up to 10 email addresses registered with your BlackBerry at once, so at some stag... Read More »

Why am I getting "Error Invalid Number" when sending text message with iphone?

shannon if your dialing the area code and the phone number and still getting the error message then the message center number is probably incorrect.Its the number the phone sends the message to so... Read More »