How to Get a Dark Tan in the Sun?

Answer If you want to get a dark tan, to cover patchy pigmentation or unleash your inner Victoria Beckham, you will need a sunbathing plan and the right products. But before basking in the rays for a dark... Read More »

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Who lived in a dark dark cellar of a dark dark house?

I woke up with a dark spot on my face. What is it How can I get rid of it It is dark brown and smooth?

If it's bigger than a dime go to the doctor needs to be checked for melenoma

Do you think dark brown eyes and dark blonde hair is pretty?

Yes, It Does, I'm A Sucker For Brown Eyed Gilrs, So I Be You Look Really Really Pretty.

Im trying to get colored contacts and my eyes are dark brown and i want them to be dark blue?

YO YO YO Girlfriend if you want to be stylin like 4 reels you needs to be checkin on this. bought a pair of these one year for halloween and I was hooked I now hav... Read More »