How to Get a Cybunny on Neopets?

Answer These are some steps to get a Cybunny on Neopets. Keep in mind that if you have already four neopets you cannot get a Cybunny. Enjoy!

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Where did James von Cybunny die?

James von Cybunny, a character in the online game Neopets, died in Maraqua on 44 BN or in Virtopia on 39 BN. Both locations are given as frequent answers from the Brain Tree.Source:Game FAQs: Neop... Read More »

Where& when did Howard von Cybunny die?

Howard von Cybunny died in 32 BN in Neopia City. The Brain Tree in the game Neopets asks players questions about when and where someone died. To discover the answer you must complete two quests for... Read More »

How to Get a Job on Neopets?

Do you want to know how to get a job on Neopets?Read on if you are looking for a job!

How do I get rid of my Neopets?

Log on to your Neopets account and select "Pet Central." A drop-down menu will open and click "Neopian Pound;" this will take you to the place where you can abandon your Neopet.Click on the "Abando... Read More »