How to Get a Cute and Loving Puppy?

Answer What kind of puppy do you want? Would it be a 3 month old, or a 13 year old? A small dog, or a big mastiff? Would you be willing to put lots of time, (and possibly money) into the training, care, a... Read More »

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Which puppy are so cute?

I love robot puppies too. Next time, put your puppy question in the PETS section of Yahoo Answers.

How to Draw a Cute Puppy?

This is how you can draw a cuddly cute puppy!

Cute Puppy Haircuts?

Puppies look adorable as it is, but when you give a puppy a cute haircut, it can look even more cuddly than before. The type of haircut you give to a puppy depends on the kind of coat the breed has... Read More »

How to Rub a Small, Cute Puppy?

Rubbing puppies is fun, 'cause they like it and you like it. If you do a good job, the puppy in question will probably do something really cute and nuzzle or try to get you to pet it some more.