How to Get a Copy of a Key for a Dodge Caravan?

Answer You can have Dodge Caravan keys duplicated easily if your van is of an older year, but the new anti-theft keys have an embedded microchip in the plastic head of the keys that complete an electronic... Read More »

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How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Dodge Caravan?

The Dodge Caravan is part of the Chrysler family of vehicles. This minivan has been a staple in the company's history since its introduction in 1984. The most common Dodge Caravans today are from t... Read More »

Dodge Caravan Specifications?

The Grand Caravan is Dodge's minivan, which debuted as the Caravan in 1983 with the Plymouth Voyager, to introduce the concept of the minivan. The vehicle is now available only in extended form as ... Read More »

How do I put on an oil filter for a Dodge Caravan?

RemovalDrain the oil and remove the old oil filter from the van before installing the new filter; place a drain pan underneath the oil pan while the engine and oil are still warm from driving and r... Read More »

How to Clean the IAC in a Dodge Caravan?

The idle air control mechanism (IAC) on a Dodge Caravan is designed to provide sufficient air to control the engine’s idle under different load and atmospheric conditions. When the gas pedal is d... Read More »