How to Get a Copy of Your W 2 from the IRS?

Answer A W-2 IRS form, otherwise known as a "Wage and Tax Statement," is given by an employer to an employee so that they can accurately complete their tax return. The IRS keeps copies of your completed t... Read More »

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How would you copy songs from your friends ipod to your itunes?

you would have to take your own iPod to that friends house & plug it into her computer. to get the music you want, in the summary section check the box that reads "manually manage music and video... Read More »

How to Copy Music from Your iPod to Your iTunes Library?

More often than not it's our music collection on computer are not 100% safe. In case a severe hard drive failure on your computer (so you'll lost all your CD ripped and downloaded songs), you'd bet... Read More »

How to Copy Music from Your Computer Onto Your iPod?

This article will tell you how to copy music from your computer to your iPod.