How to Get a Conscience?

Answer For those of you who don't know, the term conscience is defined as that little voice inside telling you how to differentiate right and wrong. Well, that's part of it. Suppose you hurt an innocent b... Read More »

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How to Train Your Conscience to Do What Is Right?

Think!Don't feel guilt even if you have sinned/done something bad? Want to be a kinder and better person? This article should help you train your conscience to do what is right, as said in the title.

Do meateaters wrestle with their conscience?

I think most of them don't. At least that has been my experience for many years. Why? Most likely because they know no other options and have not given any thought to the matter. So many of them re... Read More »

What part of the brain is malfunctioning when someone has no conscience?

The Limbic system. It connects the higher and lower functions of our brains, it is called both the "Emotional Center" and the "Conscious System" of the brain. The interaction between the limbic... Read More »

The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience?

In court cases, majority rule means that whatever decision the jury comes up with, everyone has to go along with. But what someone thinks and feels (a person's conscience) is out of the jury's cont... Read More »