How to Get a Closed End Car Lease?

Answer Also know as a walkaway car lease, a close-end car lease is a type of leasing agreement that allows the lessee to avoid the obligation to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease agreement. Thi... Read More »

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What is the residual percentage of a closed-end vehicle lease?

The residual percentage on a closed-end vehicle lease is the projected value of a vehicle at the conclusion of the lease term. The residual is expressed as a percentage of the MSRP. For example, a ... Read More »

Existing mini mart near us for sale. It is currently closed and for sale or lease. what do I need to know?

You need to know why it closed. Don't take the initial answer they give you as the real answer, chances are they were struggling. Now that doesn't mean you will, but you do need to know how it wa... Read More »

Can condo association charge a yearly lease renewal fee if lease more than one year or ongoing?

Read your governing documents to determine the board's position on renewal fees. Or you can ask the board for its authority and process for imposing this fee.

If you have a year lease for a house and you pay your rent on time every month can the lease be broken because the property management suddenly found you had a bankruptcy?

If they asked you on the application, and you lied, then, yes, technically, that is a lease violation that gives the landlord the right to terminate the lease. But, you make a very good point - why... Read More »