How to Get a Clog out of a Small Drain?

Answer Got a pesky clog in a drain somewhere!? This will tell you how to remove that clog from that drain. You will need to make a vinegar and baking soda bomb (chemical reaction) in the drain.

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A/C Drain Clog DIY?

An AC drain line can become clogged and cause your air conditioning unit to malfunction. It is best to deal with a drain line clog as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your unit. Removi... Read More »

Does hair clog the drain?

Hair often clogs up a drain, but usually only when combined with shower products like soap, according to Drains and Plumbing. Most hair can slide down a drain, but soap and other oily products make... Read More »

Will a tampon clog the toilet drain?

Tampons can clog the drain in your toilet and lead to plumbing problems like toilet overflow, reports Kotex, a tampon manufacturer. Flushing tampons can also lead to sewage-related problems, which ... Read More »

Shower drain that drains fine but there is always water in the drain and after a day the water smells you have snaked the drain and used various draino type products with no change?

Answer As you found out Chemicals are useless and in many cases snaking is not going to work to get rid of smells. The water you do see is possibly the water in the trap that keeps dangerous sewer... Read More »