How to Get a Chinchilla?

Answer Chinchillas are wonderful pets. However, they require a lot of care, commitment, and money! Use this guide to help you start out on your quest for one of these adorable animals.

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How to Buy a Chinchilla?

Buying a new chinchilla can be an exciting experience, especially when you've never owned one of these adorable friends before!

How to Name a Chinchilla?

Hmm... What should I name him?You have just come home from the pet store with your new best friend, although you don't even know your best friends name you still love him/her. You have come to the ... Read More »

How to Build a Chinchilla Hut?

Like all rodents, chinchillas enjoy having multiple places to hide and play in their cages. While you can purchase metal and pine huts and nesting boxes for chinchillas, these items can be expensiv... Read More »

How to Train a Chinchilla?

Chinchillas can be great pets, but it is important for you and for the Chinchilla that it is trained. Having a trained Chinchilla will make it easier to care and play with the pet.