How to Get a Child to Practice Music?

Answer Music Practice can be one of the biggest issues with children learning an instrument. This article aims to help parents with a few ideas to help children practice and enjoy their music learning.

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Can parents who are not in their car leave their restrained child in a parked car while they watch their other child practice football?

It would depend upon the age of the child in the car, the length of the football practice, and the distance placed between parent and child. In most cases, this would be seen as a case of neglect.

How to Practice Music?

Do you enjoy music? This article will explain to you how to practice music to make you more experienced.

How do I practice music theory notes?

An understanding of music theory is important for musicians because it enables them to read and interpret music, as well as to compose and to follow instruction from a conductor or music teacher. N... Read More »

How to Practice Sight Reading Piano Music?

Assuming that you already have basic knowledge of playing the piano, and are learning how to sight read the music sheet a few hints on how to learn to read might help. Just like in typing, playing ... Read More »