How to Get a Child to Not Be Afraid of Monsters?

Answer Children are not born knowing right from wrong and their brains are not developed. You have to teach them. Spanking doesn't work. When a child is spanked, the child will learn that it's OK to hit a... Read More »

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How to Stop Kids from Being Afraid of Monsters?

Are there monsters under there??Many children have fears of monsters at some point while they are growing up. Here are some things you can try to help dispel these fears.

How to Stop Kids of Being Afraid of Monsters While You're Babysitting?

A "magic" potion to keep monsters out from under the bed, in the closet, and anywhere.

How old does a child need to be in Illinois to refuse to see one of their parents in a joint custody situation if one parent is causing mental anguish and the child is afraid of being physically hurt?

Answer causing mental anquish and being afraid of being physically hurt doesn't mean these things have happened. If there is phyical harm and mental anquish, have a Court determine such from medi... Read More »

How do you help a child afraid of shots?

You say that it won't hurt and say that you have had many shots and they never hurt and say that you could get sick