How to Get a Chewnicorn to Appear on Viva Pinata for XBox 360?

Answer Viva Pinata is an open-ended game wherein you attempt to attract rare pinata creatures to live in your pinata garden. To attract the creatures, you must develop your garden to meet their specific n... Read More »

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How Do You Use the Chocolate Sniffer in "Viva Pinata" for Xbox 360?

"Viva Piñata" is a strategy game that involves raising and caring for a series of cartoon piñatas. It is the player's responsibility to both attract and care for the pinatas and to house them. To... Read More »

How to Get Hoghurts in "Viva Pinata"?

"Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise" features a wide variety of colorful creatures that you can evolve by making them eat different types of food. Feeding a certain type of Pinata will change it into... Read More »

How to Get a Galagoogoo in "Viva Pinata"?

Players create and maintain gardens to attract many different species of pinata in the video game "Viva Pinata." One of the most prized pinatas is the Galagoogoo, an impossibly cute and wide-eyed p... Read More »

How to Get a Swanana on "Viva Pinata"?

"Viva Pinata" is a video game that balances gardening with pet care. As players proceed through the game, they'll gain access to landscaping options, shops and pets. The Swanana is a swan-like pina... Read More »