How to Get a Break from Home?

Answer Sick and tired of your family getting on your nerves? Do you feel so irritated that you want to run away or burst out in tears? Well, you've come to the right place. Read carefully through all inst... Read More »

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Experienced A House Break In While Away From Home?

Yes. My mother had the opportunity to experience one while she was upstairs sleeping. (after some investigation, we found out the culprit and he got 1 year in prison). While I was at my girlfriend... Read More »

Can you break an apartment lease if you work over 40 miles from home?

Whether you can break your apartment lease because of long commutes depends on the provisions in your lease agreement, according to Peoples Law. The law, however, does not allow you to break a leas... Read More »

An aquaintence of ours went to the Marines basic traning 4 weeks ago and he is home already Do they get a break for a few days to come home?

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Someone we know left to join the marines 4 weeks ago and he is home already does he get a break for a couple of days during basic training to come home?

No, not after just four weeks. He's probably been discharged unless there has been a death in his family. Then, he would get special leave to attend the funeral.