How to Get a Boyfriend As a Female Geek?

Answer If you're a female geek, that does not mean that you're not capable of getting a boyfriend. Embrace your style and go with it!

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How to Deal With Your Boyfriend's Female Friend?

Love truly hurts....You have gotten a boyfriend whom you love deeply and he loves you back. Perfect, isn't it? Wait a minute, then you were being introduced to his best friend and you just can't fi... Read More »

If you have heard that a female friend of yours thinks she is pregnant she and her boyfriend dont know what to do or where to get help?

Answer Did they ask you for your help, if not butt out. If they did then have her go to the doctor and take the test, if the plan on keeping it or not. Then the choice is hers. If she keeps the ba... Read More »

What should your boyfriend do if his mom left him at her ex-boyfriend's house and she beats him for no reason and throws his stuff out and blames it on her ex-boyfriend?

Answer He needs to call the police or talk to someone at school who can call social services and get him out of that house. It is a horrible life to go through and you should do the best you can to... Read More »

Can a 15 year old female live with her 17 year old boyfriend and his parents?

No. That's why a 15 year old girl has her own family. not without the consent of the girls parents. the 15 year old can not legally leave home without her parents saying it is ok until she is 18. 3... Read More »