How to Get a Blue Chocobo in FF7?

Answer With a blue chocobo, you'll open previously inaccessible areas of the world map in "Final Fantasy VII." Blue chocobos can cross streams, rivers and shallow ocean waters. If you want to get your han... Read More »

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How to Get a Black Chocobo in "FF7"?

Black chocobos in "Final Fantasy VII" possess all the combined abilities of their blue and green counterparts. You can traverse the world map's mountainous and watery terrain while riding a black c... Read More »

How to Breed a Golden Chocobo?

In Final Fantasy VII, the iconic chocobo characters become raceable, breedable beings. Your characters travel to the Gold Saucer, where chocobo racing reigns supreme and is supremely profitable. Th... Read More »

Ways to Get a Chocobo Wing?

The magical items featured in "Final Fantasy X" help your party members cast powerful spells to defeat enemies, heal damage or improve their abilities. The Chocobo Wing item casts the spell Haste o... Read More »

How to Breed a Gold Chocobo in FF7?

"Final Fantasy VII" is the seventh gaming franchise of Square Enix's "Final Fantasy" series. The game offers many side quests, including Chocobo Breeding, which can come in a variety of colors if t... Read More »