How to Get a Black Belt Fast?

Answer Usually it takes three years to go from brown belt to black belt.You might want to get it sooner than that. Here's how to do it.

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How to Be a Black Belt?

Being a black belt isn't just all physical fitness. Being a black is a journey of personal development built on goal setting, focus, confidence, concentration, personal achievement, a positive outl... Read More »

What Is the Black Belt Certification?

Karate is a Japanese martial art that originated in what in now known as Okinawa. The English translation for karate is "open hand," which is why all maneuvers are performed without the curling of ... Read More »

How to Earn a Black Belt?

Getting your black belt is very fun! Although it does require some hard work and training. But once you get it, it is SO worth all of the work!

How to Be a Black Belt in the Art of Life?

When Bruce Lee, perhaps the most legendary martial artist of the 20th century, injured his back, he inscribed on the reverse of one of his business cards the phrase "walk on". A devotee of the newl... Read More »