How to Get a Better iPod With Floola?

Answer Floola is an iPod Manager that allows you to add music and videos from any Windows, Mac OS X or Linux computer.

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Im debating on whether to get an ipod nano or an iPod touch. Which would be better to get?

Both are awesome and both work great but you need to find out what are features you are looking for. If you think most of the time you wont be within Wi-Fi area then dont get Touch get NanoIf you t... Read More »

Whats better an ipod video, or a ipod nano?

The nano is better because although it doesn't support video format, you can download a different firmware for it on the internet that makes it able to play videos.

What's better--Ipod shuffle or Ipod nano?

It really depends on what qualities are more important to you. The shuffle would be good because it is so small (about the size of a pack of gum and weighing less than a car key) and would not inte... Read More »

You received a Ipod nano for Christmas and love it The sound is unbelievable although you are having trouble with the ear buds that came with the iPod they will not stay in your ear Any comment?

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