How to Get a Bankruptcy Number for a Pending Case?

Answer As soon as a debtor files for bankruptcy protection, the clerk assigns a court number to the case. This number goes on every document concerning the petition and is available to anyone who is looki... Read More »

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How Does a Bankruptcy Affect a Pending Arbitration?

The U.S. Bankruptcy Code establishes how a bankruptcy case affects judicial actions and other proceedings that affect your assets, debts, income or expenses. This includes an arbitration. Pursuant ... Read More »

How long does a divorce case stay pending in georgia?

In Georgia, a contested divorce pends until both parties come to an agreement on all divorce issues, which can last for months. Uncontested divorces are generally final 31 days after the defendant ... Read More »

If you have temporary sole custody of your children can you and your children move in with your boyfriend while the case to decide permanent custody is pending?

Answer Yes, legally you may. Will the judge hearing the custody case look favorably upon such action is a bigger question.Speaking from professional experience, judges do not care for such arrange... Read More »

What happens if your bankruptcy case is not dismissed?

Actually, if your bankruptcy is not dismissed, that's good news. A dismissed bankruptcy is not the ideal outcome for those seeking this type of legal debt relief. What bankruptcy filers typically s... Read More »