How to Get a Baby to Laugh?

Answer baby a cute baby boy laughing a cute baby boy laughing a cute baby boy laughingdo you have a baby sister/brother? and want him/her to laugh then read this

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How to Make a Baby Laugh?

Cute!!Do you have a baby brother or sister who is always upset or crying? Well, keep reading and make your sibling laugh all the time, making everyone happy!

How do you make your baby laugh?

Act like a kid it works for my nieces what also works is making funny faces

What makes your baby laugh?

My baby laughs when I pretend to sneeze or cough. She loves it- The other day she was fussing and I said in a low tone "what's your problem!?", joking of course, and she cracked up-

What does your baby do that makes you laugh?

Awwwk. Ickle Lamb!We My daughter is OBSESSED with waving to everyone and saying hello, which make me smile.She is also loving to dance and is picking up all the wiggles actions - the wiggles is lik... Read More »