How to Get a 496 Ci Engine From a 454?

Answer The 454ci big block Chevy engine was first produced in 1970 by lengthening the stroke of the 427ci BBC engine from 3.76- to 4.00-inches, while maintaining the same 4.25-inch cylinder diameter. Perf... Read More »

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How to Calculate MPH From Engine RPM?

RPM is an acronym that stands for revolutions per minute. Specifically, it expresses the number of times a motor makes a complete revolution in a one-minute period. RPM has a direct influence on th... Read More »

How to Change the Oil From the Top of the Engine?

If you're tired of paying professionals to change your oil, you can learn to do it yourself. Unlike a professional service department, most people don't have a way to jack up a car to access the bo... Read More »

How to Remove the Engine From a VW Beatle?

The German manufacturer Volkswagen began production of the Beetle in 1938 and continued until 2003. The engine is known as the Type 1 engine. Volkswagens in general are known for their ease of main... Read More »

How to Stop an Engine From Burning Oil?

If clouds of blue smoke follow you while driving or you find yourself constantly refilling your oil between oil changes, your engine might be burning oil. Oil burning can be the result of many diff... Read More »