How to Get Your Wife Interested in Beer?

Answer Does your wife claim to detest beer and wants to disappear from the room every time you pour a new one? Here are some ways to get her to come round to your way of thinking, at least now and then.

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How to Get Your Wife Interested in Hosting a Boys’ Night In?

You’ve been gunning to have the guys over to watch the game or play poker, but your wife doesn’t seem to see it your way. Instead of letting her shut down every notion or idea, show her t... Read More »

How can i get my wife more interested in keeping the house clean?

Make your own area, a room or even part of it. Keep it as clean and tidy as you would like the rest of the house to be. the contrast between there and the rest of the house should dawn on her soone... Read More »

If your wife got off the patch and the doctor told you to wait a month to have sex and you didn't and now your wife is pregnant will the baby be born with defects?

Answer No. It's a noted fact that if women are on any type of birth control (pill form or the patch) that if you stop taking it you are much more likely to get pregnant quickly. Don't worry! Tal... Read More »

What is the relationship between your brother's wife and your wife?

Your brother's wife is your sister-in-law and your wife is your brother's sister-in-law. But the two women are not related to each other.If one had to speak of the other is terms of relationship, s... Read More »