How to Get Your Tongue Off a Frozen Pole?

Answer Many kids have actually taken the dare to lick a frozen pole and lived to tell the tale. Warm tongues stick to frozen metal very easily, but it is not so easy to come undone -- especially if you a... Read More »

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Have you ever gotten your tongue stuck to frozen metal and it was really numb after?

No, but I got stuck to an ice-pop when I was younger, and it ripped bits off my tongue...not my finest moment.

I got my tongue stuck to a pole?

I wish it was my pole....It will take a little time for it to heal.

How to Remove a Tongue Stuck on Frozen Metal?

Have you ever been unfortunate enough to get your tongue stuck on metal and have it freeze there? Without asking questions why this has even happened to you, here is what you can do.

Could burning your tongue on very hot food leave little dots on your tongue?

Yes if your tongue has been burned by a hot bevarege or food itmay cause some small dots on your tongue. If this happens,your tongue may feel pain, it will probably feel kind oflike sand paper at f... Read More »