How to Get Your Toes to Look Sexy?

Answer Groomed, polished toenails can make you look cute and stylish. If you favor open toed shoes or sandals, people will notice your toes. Taking care of the feet in general is vital to keeping them hea... Read More »

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How to Have Sexy Toes And Soft Feet?

Sexy toes and soft feet are not only to show off in spring and summer.Maintaining soft feet requires some TLC (tender loving care)all year round.No need for expensive pedicures when all the ingredi... Read More »

OK the ultimate question is here>> sexy gal or sexy sports car, which one to opt for?

No contest: sexy sports car! It won't cheat on you, it won't demand ridiculous things, and it will still be with you in a couple years. Sexy gals are a dime a dozen, enjoy the freakin' car.Plus, a ... Read More »

Is it bad to run on your tip-toes...?

actually you can fall and then you can get hurt

How to Keep Your Toes Looking Nice?

Toes are something that some people are self conscious about and some of them can be in pretty bad shape. However, there are ways to keep you toes in tip-top shape. From monthly manicures to using... Read More »