How to Get Your Story Published on FML?

Answer is a website in which you submit embarrassing or very sad stories about your life for others laughter. It is not promised your story will get on the website if you submit it, but if you... Read More »

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Is the 1941 Disney movie"The Reluctant Dragon"based on a published story?

"The Reluctant Dragon," the 1941 classic Disney film, uses a children's book by the same title as the jumping point for a movie that explores the animation process of early Disney films. Kenneth Gr... Read More »

An Arabian Nights story title is 'The Story of the Enchanted .....'?

Give you the story of lagda epic story?

The epic story Lagda is mostly about Anabel Igcalinos finding true love.

How to Create a Digital Story in Photo Story 3?

With the advent of the Internet and the widespread deployment of digital photography utilities, digital photo storyboards long ago began to replace physical storyboards. Digital photo storyboards a... Read More »