How to Get Your Pyrotechnics License?

Answer Pyrotechnics is the art, study and practice of making and using fireworks. A pyrotechnician is one who practices the art of pyrotechnics, and pyrotechnicians must be licensed at least at the federa... Read More »

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If your license is suspended and your mother buys a new car but does not have a license what is the best way to get insurance on the car?

The best way to get Insurance on the car is to first go Get a Valid Drivers License. Driving on a supended license is illegal. Driving with no license is also illegal. Trying to obtain Auto insuran... Read More »

If your license has been suspended what must you to reinstate your license?

Typically, a suspension period will be set by the DMV, and there'll be a shorter minimum mandatory suspension period. If the possibility of having your licence reinstated earlier than the stated su... Read More »

Science Fair Project Ideas Involving Fire & or Pyrotechnics?

Science fair projects involving fire or pyrotechnics provide students with the opportunity to learn about chemistry and physics. Most fire or pyrotechnics science fair project ideas are ideal for m... Read More »

How to Obtain a New License When Your Old License Is Suspended?

Having a suspended license can be a significant problem for your life, whether you're facing a suspension for a moving traffic violation, criminal activity or unpaid fines. If you choose to drive w... Read More »