How to Get Your Plumbing Vents Ready for Winter?

Answer Frozen pipes aren't the only plumbing issues during the winter months. Freezing weather can cause blockages in your plumbing vents, which dramatically affect how your plumbing works.

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How to Install Automatic Plumbing Vents?

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How do I block air conditioning vents in the winter?

Remove Vent CoversRemove the vent cover from the air conditioning vent. Measure the size of the opening, making sure you get the depth and the length and width.Cutting the FoamPurchase a polystyren... Read More »

What does a repair man do when he checks your home heating unit and gets it ready for winter?

He cleans it if necessary, cleans or replaces the filter, lubricates moving parts as needed, replaces worn parts, checks the operation and adjustment of the fan, makes sure that the limiting switch... Read More »