How to Get Your Parents to Stop Calling Your Hamster a Rat?

Answer Are you tired of letting your hamster play in it's ball,and then your mom walks by you and your hamster after her long day,and she yells at you to put your hamster away?Well, I can teach you in thi... Read More »

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Calling all Texas Parents?

I Starred this as well Rachel...I'm certain you have already researched this, I know Texas has many fine Birthing Centers as well as Homebirth options I believe...I can't state personal experience ... Read More »

How do you get a penis out of a plastic bottle without calling 911 and your parents finding out?

carefully cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle -it will release the suction-and your friend should be freed-

How to Get a Guy to Stop Calling You?

Enough is enough.He seemed cool when you first met him...until you checked your phone the next day at 10 a.m. and found six missed calls. You don't have the heart to tell him to stop calling, but i... Read More »

If both parents are the same age and the female is pregnant can her mother stop her from living with him and his parents?

well i am 16 and i had a baby when i was 14.i moved out of my parents house b4 my baby was born and it was the worst thing i have ever done. yes you can move out but i will tell you not to its gonn... Read More »