How to Get Your Parents to Realize You Are a Teen Now?

Answer Some parents just don't understand that a teenager needs some independence. Learn how to negotiate with your parents for some decision-making power:

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How to Realize the Love of Your Parents?

Many of us doesn't understand the actions of our parents. That's simply because we don't really get the feeling that you have a son or daughter. but for sure parents love their children.

How do you get both of your parents to realize how much pain they have put you through physically and emotionally?

I am sorry, but you might not be able to. Your priority should be to work on healing you. Abuse happens for many different reasons, but if the cause has not changed (alcholism stopped, mental illne... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Go to a Teen Nightclub?

So you really want to go to a teen nightclub, but your parents said no or are reluctant to let you go? Well here are some tips to convince them to let you go to a teen night club.

How to Plan a Teen Party Without Your Parents Knowing?

You should know that everything you do comes back to get you in time, but it can be fun.