How to Get Your Parents to Not Spank You Anymore?

Answer Do your parents still spank you even though you're 12 or over? Reading this article will show you the steps to persuade your parents to stop spanking you!

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What if sister hates me always putting me down and has never said one nice about me shes been doing this for years can't take it anymore you have no self confidence anymore parents don't help?

It sounds like your sister is jealous of you, which is normal for siblings (brothers or sisters). Maybe try being nicer to her, do thing the complete opposite from the way you used to do them betwe... Read More »

Why do parents spank children?

Parents spank their children in order to teach their child that there are consequences to their actions. This is often a lot kinder than you may currently think, as it allows a child to grow up wit... Read More »

Is it legal for parents to spank a seventeen year old?

Is it illegal for parents to spank their 15 yr old child with a belt?

The 'spanking law' depends on what State you live in. No child should be hit with a belt or any object, but the palm of the hand (that's called spanking.) Hitting with a belt or other object is phy... Read More »