How to Get Your Parents to Have a Family Dinner?

Answer This scene definitely won't play out in your dining room anytime soon, but you can get the best modern day version.Almost no one has a family dinner at the table every night anymore. But if you wan... Read More »

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TH(Family)!Have your parents or friends ever called TH something other than their real name?

One of my friends calls them the Hotel boys xDanother one of my friends was trying to name them all off and he got Tom and Bill right but he tried to say Gustav and he said Gizzett (that made me la... Read More »

How to Cook a Nice Dinner for Your Parents?

You want to impress your parents with the most delicious meal they have ever had, but you don't know where to start. Hopefully this guide will help you greatly...

Is it possible to have your parents deemed unfit parents and get yourself emancipated and be adopted by someone else's parents in Alabama?

Answer It's usually around 5 that you stop your child from sleeping with you (or at least training them not too.) There are really no laws preventing this, but it's a bad habit to get into and not ... Read More »

What is your favorite family dinner?

My family usually cooks dinner on Sunday evenings as well. It's a nice, relaxing meal together before the crazy work week starts again. We never get bored with our dinners because we constantly try... Read More »