How to Get Your Mom to Stop Watching Your TV Shows?

Answer TV off when mom's about?Are you sick of your mom watching shows you enjoy? Do you feel that your shows aren't suitable for your mom? You should introduce her to some cool new shows that she enjoys.... Read More »

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What to look for when watching shows on HD?

Resolution and clarity. If a show is recorded in HD they just trim it down with encoding to display it in SD, so between the two you won't see physical differences like with movies in widescreen..

How to Have Fun Watching TV Shows for Small Children?

Even if you think your too old to watch shows made for small children, you're never too old to do anything! And if you need to vet children's shows for suitability, it pays to have some fun watchin... Read More »

Is there a phobia of watching game shows?

Is this weird or sad whilst watching tv shows?

That is 100% completely normal. In fact it pretty much happens to everybody!