How to Get Your Mind Off a Girl?

Answer Are you stuck on a girl and want to forget, but can't? Here's a few tips to help all you guys out there who are/were just like me and couldn't get off a girl.

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Do boys mind/care if a girl has braces?

nope braces is not a problem.. well to most guys there are a couple picky ones, but those aint worth it

What is pretty girl look like in ur mind ?

thats u. so i can tell u that ur body is perfect, ur mind is gr8 n ur heart is wonderful

What can you do if your ex-husband has mind-washed your children against you and you haven't talked with your son for 2 years even though you have joint custody?

I would get a better lawyer! Document the incidents of control, even better have someone witness one!==Answer==If you have joint custody, you need to get it enforced. As a parent, you need to know ... Read More »

What is there to do on the computer when your bored out of your mind?

Absolutely nothing. The computer creates the boredom you are experiencing. Turn off the computer and get out of the house, even if it's only into your own backyard to look at the stars. Read a boo... Read More »