How to Get Your Mind Off a Girl?

Answer Are you stuck on a girl and want to forget, but can't? Here's a few tips to help all you guys out there who are/were just like me and couldn't get off a girl.

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What is pretty girl look like in ur mind ?

thats u. so i can tell u that ur body is perfect, ur mind is gr8 n ur heart is wonderful

How to Change a Girl's Mind?

Girls can be stubborn and pretend they don't like you because maybe there friends find you geeky but here's a few steps on how to change a girls mind

How to Gain Insight Into a Shy Girl's Mind?

Learn how to get insight into a shy girl's mind whether or not she's interested in you.

Do boys mind/care if a girl has braces?

nope braces is not a problem.. well to most guys there are a couple picky ones, but those aint worth it