How to Get Your Kids to Mind?

Answer Getting your kids to mind you is as simple as one-two-three; literally! I developed this little strategy myself and was amazed at how quickly it worked! My children went from pretty much ignoring m... Read More »

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Can i have kids after surviving leukemia as a child I really want kids but this is on my mind. ?

If you were exposed to radiation a lot it could be possible for you to not have kid but thats just a chance you could go ro the doctor and get checked

Mind Mapping Software for Kids?

A mind map is a colorful and vibrant way of linking pieces of information together, which has proved particularly popular among children. Using computer software for mind mapping has the added bene... Read More »

What can you do if your ex-husband has mind-washed your children against you and you haven't talked with your son for 2 years even though you have joint custody?

I would get a better lawyer! Document the incidents of control, even better have someone witness one!==Answer==If you have joint custody, you need to get it enforced. As a parent, you need to know ... Read More »

What relation is your mother's first cousin's kids to your kids?

The children of your mother's first cousin are your second cousins. They and your children are second cousins, once removed, to each other.