How to Get Your Kids to Believe in Santa?

Answer The fabled character of Santa is a pillar in the tradition of Christmas. Many adults attempt to paint Santa as a real person to their kids in an attempt to keep the holiday spirit alive. A large pe... Read More »

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How to Believe in Santa Claus?

Santa on his sleighThis article is for adults as well as children. This article will help you maintain the magic of believing in Santa Claus.

Parents to young children with no chimney (only read if you believe in Santa)?

You can buy 'Magic keys' in the shop, they are like big bronze keys that wouldnt open any door, but your child doesnt know that. You leave it on your doorstep and santa gets in by the door cos he h... Read More »

Santa Games for Little Kids?

Christmas is a time of joy and excitement for children. The anticipation of Christmas morning can create energy that is expended by playing some enjoyable, interactive games. Team games are ideal f... Read More »

~~Do You Believe That Some Kids...?

i done a psychology course on this and it all depends on the child some as born worse than others but then how they are brought up can determine how they are in later years so even a kid with the b... Read More »