How to Get Your Husband to Stop Checking out Other Women?

Answer There are many reasons why a marriage fails, and a husband checking out other woman is definitely one of them. When a husband does this, he makes his wife feel as if she is not good enough for him ... Read More »

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How to Get Your Husband to Quit Checking out Pretty Women?

What you do NOT want your husband to doDon't you ladies hate it when your guy slyly gives "the look" to some woman? You know--that quick once over from head to toe that he thinks you don't notice? ... Read More »

Why in general don't many women like their husbands spending time with his sisters but the same women won't mind if the husband flirts with her own sister?

strange question bro/sis... spending time with sister can create intimate feeling/love. But flirting sometimes accepted as a joke/not serious...

Moms, do you and your husband/partner have joint or seperate checking accounts?

My husband and I have joint accounts. I usually take care of the bills since I'm the accountant in the family, but it's all out of the same account, so what's the difference. When we got married,... Read More »

How can i make my husband stop snoring without making him stop breathing?

first try the nose strips.then send im to s a sleep specialist. some people have bad sleep apnea, and they have to wear a special mask.that will work for sure, but you have to go to a sleep doc.sle... Read More »