How to Get Your Horse to Stand Still While Haltering Him?

Answer Always have trouble haltering your horse because as soon any you get the halter to his face he kicks and bolts? Try this!

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How to Get Your Horse to Stand Still for Mounting?

Do you have a horse who would rather turn around and around than stay in one place when you try to mount? It can make you feel rather dizzy, not to mention disheartened! Rather than giving up, mayb... Read More »

How to teach your horse to stand while being saddled?

Riding a horse is often thought of as simply leaping on to the saddle and galloping off into the sunset. But you're not going to do much riding if you can't get your horse to stand while you mount.... Read More »

If you get pregnant while on birth control pills will you still show the withdrawal bleeding while on the placebos and would pregnancy symptoms still occur on the pill?

Answer Yes you will still have a period but it may be later and old blood. Yes pregnancy symptoms would still occur.

How to Teach Your Horse to Stand?

Teaching your horse how to ground tie.