How to Get Your Hamster to Come out of Its House?

Answer Providing your hamster with a covered area to hide and sleep in is always a good idea. However, once your hamster has become accustomed to this area, it might be hard to get him or her to come out.... Read More »

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How to Find a Lost Dwarf Hamster in Your House?

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How to Make Sure Your Hamster Has a Good House?

Your hamster needs a easy to clean, good cage so it can have a home.

How to Train Your Hamster to Come when You Call?

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How do you tell your mom that you don't want to come home from your dads house because your too scared?

You could have your dad tell her. That would mean you would have to tell him which I hope is safe for you, and he would then have to do something about it, like getting some help. Good luck to you.... Read More »