How to Get Your Grandmother to Stop Smoking?

Answer If you have a problem with your grandma smoking, then you probably would want to make her stop smoking, my dad used to smoke once, i did this thing to make him stop smoking, now he smokes 1-2 times... Read More »

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How are you related if your great grandmother is their grandmother?

If your great grandmother is some other person's grandmother, then that person is related to you as one of the following:your mother or fatheryour aunt or uncleYour first cousin, once removed

How to Get Your Mom to Stop Smoking?

Does your mom smoke and it bothers you? You might have concerns for her health, your own health, the health of others in the family and for the way the house smells, etc. It is a good idea to appro... Read More »

How to Get Your Crush to Stop Smoking?

Do you hate that your crush smokes? It can be heartbreaking to see someone you fancy harming themselves in this way. Here's how to help.

How would you ask your dad to stop smoking?

tell him second hand smoke is more dangerous (because it is!) and you are concerned about your health and his.