How to Get Your Girlfriend's Dad to Trust You?

Answer Dads are always protective of their little girls, even when their little girls grow up and become girlfriends. In fact, this can make a dad even more protective. If you want your girlfriend's dad t... Read More »

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Can a revocable trust to be transferred to your spouse's revocable trust after your death?

Yes, you may name your spouse's revocable trust as the beneficiary of your revocable trust in your declaration of trust document. Another option would be to establish a joint trust, which may be st... Read More »

Do you have to be married to adopt your girlfriends kid?

Answer here is pursuant to TN law only, and this DOES NOT constitute legal advice. The answer to your question, under those terms, is not necessarily. In order to adopt, a Judge would first have ... Read More »

How to Avoid Fights with Your Girlfriends?

Everyone knows that fighting with your girlfriend is never pleasant. However, when you see a fight coming the wise thing to do is not to get into it, but to solve your problems peacefully and here ... Read More »

How to Convince Your Girlfriends Parents to Let You Go on a Road Trip Together?

This can be hard, but if you play your cards right, it can be quite easy.