How to Get Your Friend's Sibling to Get off the Phone?

Answer Doesn't this get annoying?So you and your friend were just chatting about your day, when their little sibling picks up the other phone and starts spying on you two. It's normal for younger kids to ... Read More »

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How to Look Cool to Your Older Sibling and Their Friends?

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If one sibling has power of attorney of your mother can another sibling have it overturn at any time.?

If your mobile phone breaks would you know all your friends numbers?

I wouldnt have a clue!There is a gadget you can buy though, It reads your sim card and makes a note of the numbers on it just in case anything happens to your phone. There's one here: http://www.iw... Read More »

How to Give Your Friends Your Phone Number?

When all of your friends know your home phone number, it makes it easier for them to contact you outside of school. If you would like your friends to know what your home phone number is, please con... Read More »