How to Get Your Friend to Stop Obsessively Talking About Their Crush?

Answer So your friend has found someone they have a huge crush on, and every single time you come over or call them, they won't stop obsessing or talking about them. It was cool to talk to your friend abo... Read More »

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How to Get Your Crush's Friends to Stop Trash Talking You?

Ok, everyone knows that sometimes your crush won't like you. Not everyone knows that his friends might be the reason behind it. A lot of time you don't get Romeo cause Paris is dishing out some ser... Read More »

How to Stop a Guy from Telling His Best Friend Ur Crush?

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How to Stop Being Jealous of Your Friend when She's Flirting With Your Crush?

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How to Get Your Friend to Stop Hitting on Your Boyfriend or Crush?

It can be tough when one of your friends hits on your boyfriend or your crush, especially when she knows the situation.