How to Get Your Friend to Email You?

Answer Is your friend not emailing you? bribe them with this helpful set of instructions.

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What do you do if someone threatens to kill your best friend but that person is also your friend?

Wow! Tell friend A that if friend B gets killed, or even hurt, friend A will probably wind up in prison, and then nobody wins. Try to find out why friend A is so angry and see if you can find a way... Read More »

How do i email my assignment to a friend?

no, if you use yahoo email, you log in to it (your own, of course), type a short message like "here's that assignment you wanted", then click on a button near the text box where you typed the messa... Read More »

How Can I Email My Music to a Friend?

If you would like to, you can email your own music to a friend. With a few simple steps, you can turn your own recordings into a file that you can email to share with friends. If your friends have ... Read More »

How to Write an Email to a Friend?

Write an Email to a FriendDo you have a friend you only email once in a while? Are you stuck on the latest email? Not to worry! Your problems end right here!