How to Get Your Curls to Not Get Puffy?

Answer Loose curls or waves in a hairstyle communicate a sexy, laid-back vibe. This type of hairstyle is often featured on men and women on the pages of magazines, as well as on television and in the movi... Read More »

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My face looks puffy a lot. How can I stop it from looking puffy?

Puffiness can be a sign of dehydration, because the body starts to retain water when the body sense that it is not getting enough. Drinking more water in this case could remedy this. Puffiness is a... Read More »

Why is my eye puffy?

Eye puffiness is a condition that can cause pain, itching and irritation. According to, the delicate skin around the eye is prone to puffiness because of its high accumulation of ... Read More »

How to Fix Puffy Dreads?

Dreadlocks are a versatile, low maintenance hairstyle that requires very little in the way of styling or attention. In this style, hair is matted and rolled together into a tightly coiled tube. The... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Puffy Bags?

Almost every man or woman has woken up, looked in the mirror and seen a pair of puffy eyes staring back at them. Many people think that puffy under eye bags are caused by lack of sleep, but that is... Read More »