How to Get Your Cartilage Pierced Without Crying?

Answer Are you going to get your cartilage pierced but don't want to cry or freak out?Read on for some easy ways to keep yourself calm.

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Getting my cartilage on my ear pierced!?

hi, let me just start off by saying you are so lucky! anyways, i think getting it pierced with a gun is always the best option and i think that it will only take about 2 months or less to heal( wit... Read More »

Does getting your cartilage pierced hurt?

Listen to gabby. DO NOT GET YOUR EAR PIERCED WITH A GUN, they are not sterile and can shatter your cartilage as the jewellery is blunt and just gets forced into your ear, don't risk it getting infe... Read More »

Newly pierced ear cartilage?

You may apply alcohol or spirit to relieve from pain. You can change it after healing. It is very difficult to stop it during sleeping. Better wrap your entire head with towel so that there is some... Read More »

How do i convince my mom to let me get my cartilage pierced?

I'm having the same problem but I'm 16...*sigh*. Anyway, figure out why your mom says no. If she thinks it's "trashy" show her the un-trashy celebrities that have their's pierced. If she thinks you... Read More »