How to Get Your Brother to Stop Calling You a Bro?

Answer Many times we find ourselves in an awkward situation. The situation being caused by our own kins, many a times by our brothers and sisters. This article stresses on the step by step mechanism to st... Read More »

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How do you make your brother's girlfriend to stop sleeping on your bed and eating your food if you already told your brother?

Well honestly, you just need to tell her to get the heck out of your bed. That's not cool. She should sleep in your brother's bed or on the couch! feed her moldy food, or something equally as repu... Read More »

Calling all jonas brother fans!?

Yepp, suree... ** here's a star for the Jonas Brothers (I'd give you a million stars if I could...) =) And well... why I like them you ask ? Cause of EVERYTHING they do. They're really down to eart... Read More »

Calling all JONAS BROTHER fans!!?

I love the Jonas Brothers insanely! They are my life! I'm so obsessed, and everyone says so (my parents, my friends, who also have major OJD, everyone)I eat, sleep, and breathe Jonas all day and al... Read More »

My brother won't stop changing my linux computer password, how to stop?

What disto are we talking about? What password as we talking about? The Admin password? A user password? Your email password? ???You should have used full disk encryption when or before you install... Read More »