How to Get Your Boyfriend to Wash His Own Underwear?

Answer If your boyfriend thinks you need to do his laundry for him, follow these instructions on how to break him. They're simple and easy!

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Do you wash your NEW underwear or towels before using it?

Yeah, Really your meant to steep new towels in cold water over night, then wash them as it makes them more absorbent, As for new underwear, you don't know who's been handling them, Wash before wear... Read More »

Sex simulation with your boyfriend will you pregnant with a clothing only underwear?

no chance of pregnancy wid underwearpreganancy is when his sperm enters ur egg that's not done due to undewear

If your boyfriend wiped a tiny bit of semen on the outside of your butt cheek could you still be pregnant without having sex and whilst wearing underwear?

Was he wearing a condom?Do you take the pill? If the answer to these 2 questions is NO... Then more than likely he also left some semen IN you,so your just asking to get pregnant.I don't know how o... Read More »

What if your boyfriend and you were dry-humping with his boxers on and your shorts and underwear on and a clear liquid is on the girls shorts is there a chance of pregnancy?

No there is not, Semen can not pass through clothing, though the liquid that holds them can. As long as there is one article of clothing in between the semen and the vagina there will be no pregnancy.