How to Get Your Boyfriend to Not Care What People Think?

Answer You know he's priceless, but maybe he needs some reassurance. Here a few tips that allow him to stand on his own feet, and stop worrying so much about other opinions, which will hardly do anything ... Read More »

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Parents - Do you care what other people think about your parenting skills (+ another "fun" inside...)?

Nope, I do what I want. LolI love my daughter and I know I do what we (hubby and I) think is best. She is turning out pretty darn good so far too!Some say I spoil her, so what. I want a happy littl... Read More »

Do you think most people think the child is to blame for being in foster care?

LT,In my experience that has not been the fact, it is quit the opposite. Usually people think "wow.....that poor kid, his/her parents must really be low life pieces of trash".....Whom ev... Read More »

How to Not Care What People Think?

Sometimes you need to chill out and do what you think is bestIf you're one of those people who constantly worries what others think of you, this article may help you get off in the right direction ... Read More »

How to Be Goth and Not Care What People Think?

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